Since September 2018, Bluegum Property has been hosting properties using the AirBnB platform. As a family of 5, David and Family have used airBnB to travel in Australia and overseas. This has given us a great User Perspective as well as a Host perspective.

For me, no other platform has allowed us to travel as a family like AirBnB or HomeAway does. In a tiny way they compete with hotels and don’t get me wrong we still use hotels. AirBnB and HomeAway has just provided us many more options and ones that suit us so much more. The economy gets a boost as we can now travel more regularly and experience more things.

For those of you that haven’t used AirBnB, I have put together a quick video on how to use the platform!

To sign up to AirBnB, use this link.


Disclosure: The airbnb link has an affiliate linkage to it whereby for new users joining the platform I get a discount off my next booking.